Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, people were encouraged at the start of 2020 to pick a word for the year. This word would set the tone for the duration of the year, designed to keep disappointment at bay when it was day two of January and lofty goals to hit the gym had already gone to the wayside. Words like growth, maturity, surrender, and other powerful words were chosen by people all over the world as their focus as they forged ahead in the promise and possibilities of a clean slate of the new year.  This special word would become the theme to guide the 2020 journey of life from January to December.

While it didn’t start out that way, the word for 2020 God began stir in me was “awaken”.   As I planned new events, set new goals, and dreamed new dreams, I knew God was beginning to awaken something new in my heart.  God lead me to Ephesians 5:14 which says: “Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”  My desire is that Christ is experienced more deeply as He awakens new life in me, in Youth for Christ, and in our students. It is the theme for our future 218 Youth Conference and has become the theme for life for this year.

Because of His stirring, my growing desire is that God will awaken new passion that begins with us!  Passion that spreads through Youth for Christ to reach the young people in our area.  Passion that ignites in our students to blaze with desire to share Christ with their family and friends.  Passion that arises as God rouses us from the slumber of our comfort zones as we, in turn, obey Him when He calls us to wake up and go. Rise up and see all God has to offer!  Answer the call of God, and be a part of awakening the revival God has promised for this area. 

Agree with us in our simple prayer: God, awaken your people, awaken our city, and destroy strongholds. May Your name arise above all else as you awaken us to experience the newness of your plan and the fullness of your love. God of revival, awaken us!

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