Quarantine Day 103

I’d be lying if I said this quarantine thing was easy, that I am thoroughly enjoying myself. While some things are fun, the endless walks with my dog, deep cleaning my house, attempting a full youth group FaceTime etc. other things are not so fun. We have spent two weeks away from students, attempting new ways to do our jobs. Sometimes the things we try work, but most of the time they don’t. It’s a ton of trial and error. We were also planning on painting our office, but when the shelter in place came down, that was paused. It has felt like all of our plans have fallen through. But there’s something really encouraging that we can take from all of this: God is in control.

God didn’t wake up one more in the middle of all this, lean over to Gabriel, and say “hey man, what’s going on down there on earth? Where did all the toilet paper go?” No, you see, God is/was fully aware of all the situations we are currently facing. He knew that Covid-19 was going to come, He knew things were going to be shut down, He even knew who was going to buy all the TP at Walmart. God knew what was going to happen and He has a plan. Families are coming together, communities are supporting one another, there has been an outpouring of prayers coming from unexpected places. The world has banded together to fight against our current situation. It’s incredible. And God is in control through it all. This is a scary time, I will not deny that, however we need to rest assured that God is going to take care of us.

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind” We should not be afraid in this season of unknowns. We should be wise about our choices for the sake of others, but we should not be fearful. God will protect us and keep us. He will care for us in our time of need. He keeps His promises.

In this season, take time to listen. Take time to seek Him out and deepen your relationship with Him. Maybe that’s something you’ve been putting off to the side for the sake of “more important” things. I don’t know. What I do know is this time we have been given is a gift. We can grow deeper with Him, we can discover new ways to do ministry, to learn, we can have fun with our families. There’s so many great things that can come out of this. Focusing on what we are afraid of might cause us to miss out on something God has for us.

So read a book, put together a puzzle, do something creative with your family, start a new devotional, count all the toilet paper you have in your house. Whatever you do, be assured that the God who created the whole world is watching out for you. He will always keep His promises, He will always make a way, He knows why this is happening, and He cares for you.

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