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Unfailing Love

I truly do not post enough updates on what is happening in our ministries and I really need to because God is doing big things here on the Iron Range and we need to celebrate the victories.

This week has been a memorable one for sure. In the midst of the chaos of all the planning and preparing and changes, sometimes God will throw in a little encouragement, a reminder that he is still there. Between our Elevate Youth group on Sunday evening, Campus Life on Tuesday, and a little fill-in at Open Door Church, we saw eight students either make a first time commitment to Jesus, or recommit their lives. What an incredible experience! This year has been so difficult for students. The isolation, anxiety, and depression brought on by the unknowns of Covid and the divisive nature of this last year has truly thrown students for a complete loop with nowhere to turn. Yet, God is moving. This week has proven that. In the midst of everything, God is still present, he is still working, and students are reaching out to him. We are constantly telling these students that they are loved and that if they turn to Jesus, He will make a way for them. We as leaders truly believe that each student is important and that God has a plan for them. As we connect with students who raised their hands this week, please join us in lifting them up that this truly starts their lifelong journey as followers of Jesus.

Be encouraged that even if you are still struggling after covid to get back in the swings of things, or still dealing with the repercussions of being isolated for so long, God is still there for you. His unfailing love has never walked away nor have you walked too far from him that he will not take you back. Each day is a new opportunity to connect with Jesus, you just have to run into his arms.

Please join us in prayer as we ask that God continues to use us to reach students who have lost their hope and that we can encourage them to pursue the one who is full of hope. God is moving on the Iron Range and it is starting with the young people. We can’t wait to see what is in store next!


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