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Hillbilly Christmas Shindig

YEEHAW! What a rootin’ tootin’ shindig! Monday night we hosted our Campus Life Christmas party. For the first time ever, we hosted it at Virginia High School, and wowee! Students kept piling in, one after another, until over eighty-five students joined the shenanigans that was the Hillbilly Christmas Party! Our night involved mini games includingContinue reading “Hillbilly Christmas Shindig”

Girls’ Night!

Glittery nail polish painted onto neatly places fake nails, face masks on everyone, DIY lipgloss gracing the lips of the makers, and carefully crafted ornaments designed by creative hands. In the background, you can hear ‘Let It Go’ being belted out by a confident singer while her friends yell encouragement from the couches. To roundContinue reading “Girls’ Night!”

Youth for Christ: Give Edition

Recently we sent out our support letter in hopes to raise our support as stateside missionaries. We have a goal to be fully funded at $5,000 a month by next December. During this season of giving, if you feel lead to support Youth for Christ financially, please do! There’s nothing like being a part ofContinue reading “Youth for Christ: Give Edition”