My Story

When I was sixteen years old, I had my world rocked when I took a trip with my dad to Uganda. While I was there, my heart was broken by the people who were lost and hurting. After that, God called me into missions and I began on the journey to become a missionary, desperately seeking the lost. I spent more time in Uganda (a place that still holds my heart), some time in Jamaica, and spent my college years trying to understand the complete heart of God. I spent hours pouring over books, taking classes, and going out into our community to learn how to see people the way God does.

Right before my last semester at college, while at a youth camp, I really felt God place youth on my heart. I felt an urgency to reach the next generation, to show them as much of God’s love as I possibly could. But what could that mean, when I’ve spent all this time preparing to move to Africa to seek the lost there? But God continued to put this up and coming generation on my heart and so I began to search for how to take being a missionary and combine it with this desperation to see the next generation changed.

So all of that brings us to now. About a year ago, my husband, Brad, was hired on as the Campus Life Director for high school at an organisation called Youth for Christ. Their mission is to reach young people, working with the church and others who are like-minded, to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus. Up until this point, I had it in my mind that to be a missionary, you had to be overseas crossing cultural barriers. What I didn’t realize was that we had cultural barriers right in our own back yard and God was changing the way I viewed my mission field. Maybe I didn’t need to fly halfway across the world to cross a cultural barrier and find lost youth. So, Brad continued to work for YFC and I continued to try to figure out how to combine missions and youth ministry. What I didn’t realize is that God was softening my heart towards the youth in our area, youth who maybe didn’t have great home lives, had never really heard of Jesus, and were truly dealing with the hardest things I’ve ever seen. Their worlds were so different than mine and I found myself wondering what I could do.

In July, I found out that there was an open position at YFC. It just so happened to be the same position as Brad, except that I would be able to work with middle school students. God had opened a door for me to combine missions and youth ministry. On August 5th, I started my first day at YFC! Since then, it has been a whirlwind of peaches, trainings, retreats, more peaches, and a lot of coffee meetings. But man, God really has revealed His heart to me and I am excited for this next school year!

How can YOU get involved:

If you have a heart for at-risk youth and want to make a lifelong impact on a students life, become a ministry leader! Volunteering with us can look like many different things, but we are more than happy to talk to you about becoming involved.

PRAY PRAY PRAY! We are always in need of people willing to be prayer warriors and fight with us in that way.

Working for Youth for Christ does mean that I am considered an in-home missionary. I fundraise half of my salary, as does my husband. We are currently in the process of raising our monthly support. If you want to donate, click on the link below!

This blog is to keep you updated with what is happening. Subscribe and follow to see what God is doing on the Mesabi Range through Youth for Christ!

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