Girls’ Night!

Glittery nail polish painted onto neatly places fake nails, face masks on everyone, DIY lipgloss gracing the lips of the makers, and carefully crafted ornaments designed by creative hands. In the background, you can hear ‘Let It Go’ being belted out by a confident singer while her friends yell encouragement from the couches. To round off all the fun activities, there’s an excited buzz as someone starts to dish up ice cream to build your own ice cream sundae. Once the excitement dies down, everyone settles onto a couch to watch a chick flick. This is a classic girls night.

These are the scenes from last night’s Campus Life Girl’s Night! Thirty-four young ladies in grades 5-12 came over to the office to have some fun. It was so cool to see the girls’ faces light up when they walked in. We had four different stations. Our first station was Nail Polish Roulette, where girls spun a spinner and whatever color it landed on, that was their new nail color. A special thank you to our amazing nail artist, Mia, for assisting with the manicures. Our second station was a design-your-own ornament station. We saw girls really show off their creative side in taking the time to diligently design and add details to their ornaments. Our creative specialist, Melody, stood by and encouraged the girls to continue to expand their imagination when it came to their ornaments. Next, we had our facials station where girls had fun laughing at each other while waiting for their faces to become totally rejuvenated. A huge thank you to Mary who made sure to keep my carefully color coded masks in order. We had a very special station next. Autumn, a local artist, designed small henna tattoos, unique to each person who sat down in her chair. Our final station was one that required a bit of science and experimentation. Girls had the opportunity to create their very own lipgloss out of kool-aid, water, and coconut oil. The ultimate scientist extraordinaire, Kennedy, guided the girls through the recipe and we saw so many unique blends and tasty (yes, it’s edible) lipglosses appear. While young ladies moved around to the different stations, we had open mic karaoke. Man, do we have some talented young ladies! What a blast to have local, young talent entertain at our girls’ night. They are all so confident and I think karaoke was my favorite part of the night. Seeing the young ladies be courageous and then seeing them support one another was just incredible! We rounded out the exciting night with build-your-own ice cream sundaes and a classic girly movie, Sleepover. The girls loved the movie that I loved at their age. Most of them had never seen it! So cool to share that with them.

This was definitely a successful event and I was blown away at the response of the young ladies. So many of them told me they loved the event, one of them said it was the best one she’s been to all year. What???? I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this event, but I was just completely blown away by everything that happened. Praise God for helping everything run smoothly and thank goodness for the students who were so excited for the event, they invited all their friends. This event could not have gone any better.

Our next event is on Monday and I’m hoping it is equally as successful as this one last night! God is good and we continue to see Him shine through our events. Reaching teens isn’t easy, but with God, it certainly gets a little easier.

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