Hillbilly Christmas Shindig

YEEHAW! What a rootin’ tootin’ shindig! Monday night we hosted our Campus Life Christmas party. For the first time ever, we hosted it at Virginia High School, and wowee! Students kept piling in, one after another, until over eighty-five students joined the shenanigans that was the Hillbilly Christmas Party!

Our night involved mini games including jingle bell jam, a candy cane drop, and a toilet seat toss made with a tv box, a toilet seat, and some duct tape. All of the decorations and a majority of the small games were made from recycled goods.

We played games, we laughed, we snacked, there were prizes. It is definitely a night we will remember. We played a game called “3 in a boat” where students would be given a direction such as three hunting deer, and they had to group up and act out the scene! We also played a round of link tag. Then came the best part. Above is pictured a ball of saran wrap. Within the saran wrap was a number of prizes, and at the middle was a McDonald’s gift card. The students sat in a circle needed to roll either a seven or doubles with dice to get the ball and start unwrapping. It gets really intense. Now, I spent an hour and a half EACH BALL making these and the students demolished them in minutes. But it was SO MUCH FUN to play the game and see the surprise on their faces as prizes flew out while they were unwrapping the ball.

Through this last week, we have seen God’s continued faithfulness shine through. From the number of volunteers who willing gave their time to be a part of such large events, to the school opening their doors and allowing us to use their facility to host this party. Not to mention every single student that walked through our door was just proof that God is faithful and He is moving on the Iron Range. Our last two events have just turned out way better than we could ever have imagined and we are seeing so many students come through the doors at Youth for Christ. This is such a fantastic time to be a part of this organization.

Huge thank you to the volunteers who came and dressed the part and celebrated this Christmas season, as well as became a part of a monumental Youth for Christ event. Thank you to those who donated treats. Huge shout out the the Virginia Subway for donating platters of sandwiches to us! Thank you to our Youth for Christ staff for all the hard work you put into this event and for rolling with the punches. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a rootin’ tootin’ Christmas complete with popcan Christmas trees this year!

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