Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s day. A day to celebrate friendships between gal pals. A day to each food, have fun, and be creative with one another. This year, the ladies at Youth for Christ put together a Galentine’s dinner for our young ladies, to build relationships with them and inspire them to care about one another. Galentines is a time to really focus on the girls you call sisters and friends and build up your tribe. Not only do they build with one another, but they learn that we are also going to support their girl gang through it all!

A huge part of this event was the food. In deciding what food to have, a teacher that we work with had mentioned how a lot of students don’t often get a homecooked meal. So I took to the drawing board to decide what kind of homecooked meal I could come up with to make the night special. We ended up having frittatas and heart shaped waffles. I had food for days after but hey, the girls loved in and were already asking what we will be having next year. Shout out to Rachel for cleaning up the big mess I made in the kitchen during the day (and believe me, I made quite the mess).

These girls are always blowing me away with their creativity and willingness to have fun! We had a table set up to make Galentines, or Valentines whichever they please. Pictures were drawn, hearts were given to leaders, one of the girls made her hat look like a little bee! Each of their unique personalities came out in the fun of designing special cards for the people they care about the most. A huge shout out to our creative volunteer, Melody, who brought along some cool craft kits and really poured into the girls while they worked on their projects. Kendra, another star volunteer, encouraged the girls to play our Valentines-themed games that included a word search, a little trivia, and more. Just another fun activity to round out our night.

Probably one of my favorite things that happened throughout the night were the pictures taken at our photo booth. So much laughter and so many smiles! I loved how excited they got to be posing with their girlfriends and giggling the whole time about the silly faces they were making. Betsy, our photographer extraordinare, spent so much time encouraging the girls to be themselves and have fun in these photos!

This is truly the best part of my job. Planning events and hanging out with the students who comes. Things don’t always go as I’ve planned or maybe I’ve even planned to much, but I always know that the students who show up, God ordained them to be here at that time and we as volunteers get to be here to see these students grow! What an amazing thing to be a part of.

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